British Values at Salway Ash

Democracy in Action in Badger Class

Before the General Election we took the opportunity to teach the children all about how the British voting system works. We explored the meaning of key vocabulary, including constituents, constituency, polling station and member of parliament.  The children were really interested in how the process works and understood the importance of using their vote.


We challenged the children to work in groups to create their own manifestos. The children chose three main issues to focus on and the results were fantastic.  The whole class took the task very seriously and they all created clear manifestos which spelt out what they cared about; what they wanted to change or improve; what they would about it and how.  The children wrote about a huge range of issues including health, education, law and policing, the environment and even town planning.


The children shared their manifestos confidently in a whole school assembly and then we challenged them further. Since the children are not in government (yet!) and not in a position to implement their policies we challenged them to take action themselves to support the causes they cared about. The results were impressive.



Some of the groups wrote to the prime-minister about their concerns about the environment and changes to KS1 children’s universal school meal provision, whilst others have created videos to express their ideas in the hope of gathering support for their views, especially promoting peace in the world. Perhaps most impressive is that the class as a whole held a ‘Cookie and Card’ sale to raise money to protect endangered animals because the environment was a widely held concern across the class.  The children ran the event themselves and raised enough money to adopt two animals – an Amur Leopard and a Rhino.  Super work! 

The children have learnt that as individual citizens they are all capable of making a positive difference.