Pupil Equality Information:
Salway Ash School currently has 115 pupils on roll- 40% being male and 60% female.
95.7% of our pupils are white British and all pupils use English as their first language.
Historically the school does not see a substantial difference between the attainment of boys and girls although results vary due to small cohort numbers:
Percentage of 2020 Key Stage 2 pupils attaining the expected standard or above in reading, writing and Mathematics according to teacher assessment (SATS did not take place due to COVID-19):
21 in cohort: 10 Male 11 Female
National: 95% School total :90% Male:75% Female:100% 
Equality Objectives:
Please see Equality policy and Information for further analysis on equality and it’s application within Salway Ash School.
The governing body regularly updates our accessibility plan to ensure the building is suitable for all current users. Work continues to ensure facilities cater for a wide range of pupils including those we may not yet have encountered but may do in the future. We aim to educate the school community on the accessibility challenges others may face.
Salway Ash School aims to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through all areas of the curriculum with particular reference to equality and diversity.
We recently conducted a survey to parents on how they felt about equality within Salway Ash School.
The responses are included below.