eSchools - Parent Communication Portal

The school website runs alongside a communication platform known as eSchools which is used by staff, parents and pupils.

This is new to us at the moment however we anticipate that over time this platform will become the primary method of communication between school and home as it is secure and simple to use and allows people to easily refer back to previous communications.

We believe it to be a very intuitive and user friendly system.

Any internet user can access the website as the online presence of our school but only those with a log in and a current connection with Salway Ash School will be able to access the platform by logging in using the button on the top right hand corner of the website home page.

Each member of our school community has their own individual log in which allows children to access their class pages and to use the platform to complete homework tasks presented on there.

There is an internal communication area of the portal which, again, is secure and closely monitored which we hope will allow our children to grow familiar with the digital world in which they are growing up in a controlled manner. As a school we feel it is vital we meet our responsibility to the children in safely preparing them for the world of internet and social media which they will inevitably come into contact with at a later stage.

If you are a parent: when logged in to eschools you will have access to the following:

  • A welcome page will show your child’s attendance and a snapshot of letters home and events coming up

  • Letters home: You will have access to all current and previous letters sent through the eSchools platform.

  • Events: Keep updated on school events.

  • View your child’s class welcome page and Homework set.

  • We will also be using the platform for signing up to parent consultation.

    Parents with an iPhone or Android phone can also access the Parent App and receive notifications directly from the school office.

    We hope you and your child will enjoy using the platform, and that you find it an effective way of receiving communication from our school.

    Please continue to check our website regularly for newsletters, club updates and new photos.