Charging and Remissions policy

If you/ your child is in receipt of Pupil Premium/ Free School Meal funding there may be exemptions from some expectations described within this policy. Please contact the school for further information.

Charging and Remissions Policy 2021

Salway Ash School

Every school must have, and publish for parents, its charging policy. This policy lists the governors' decisions.


Books and equipment

All equipment necessary to the child’s education (e.g books, stationery, pencils, pens) will be provide free

Parents of pupils who lose or damage books or equipment issued to them are expected to pay the cost of replacement or repair

Charging for materials

Parents will not be charged for resources used within school time.

Activities within the school day or part of an examination course:

Any payment from parents for these activities is voluntary but if parents are unable or unwilling to contribute, it may be that the activity will not be able to take place. Pupils will never be treated differently whether or not their parents have made any such payments

Activities outside the school day and not part of an examination course

For these activities payment is required for pupils to take part (after school clubs etc)

Residential Visits

Payment will be required in respect of residential visits taking place mainly outside school time and not required for an examination course

Public Examinations

The Headteacher has the delegated responsibility to decide whether pupils are entered for particular examinations

Music Tuition

The Headteacher is authorised to charge for music tuition outside normal classroom activities, when permitted

Loss and Damage to School Property

Parents of a pupil who damages or loses any item of school property or equipment, including, for example, windows or computer software, are liable for the cost of repair or replacement

Review date: November 2024