School Council

Each year school council members are elected to represent each class.
They meet regularly to discuss issues of importance within the school. The council members are often involved with welcoming visitors to the school such as the recent parish council visit and have also sat on interview panels.
The school council recently worked with the PTA to design and implement the redecoration of the school cloakrooms. They are now much brighter and more colourful.

The school council are running a whole school 'Bake-Off' competition. They have chosen to raise money for the new school play equipment and for Cancer Research. The children chose these causes themselves and were very enthusiastic about both as they felt they could help local and national causes and most felt that both charities were personal to them in one way or another.

 Democracy In Action
Year 3/4 recently learned about democracy and it's importance in Britain. The children debated on a news issue and then did a vote. Afterwards they decided if they would like to be in the school council or not. Those who did presented a mini ‘campaign’ on why they thought they would be good at the job. Finally all the children had a vote, using a ballot paper made by some pupils. The votes were counted and our new councilors were elected!