Years 5 & 6- Dragonfly Class

Class teacher: Mrs Smith
Support Staff: Mrs Phillips and Mrs Williams
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British Values in Year 5 and 6
In this area of the curriculum we explore:

  • what democracy is
  • laws and how they are made
  • why equality of opportunity for all is important
  • the importance of respect for and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

We enjoyed a visit from the Parliament Outreach Service where we learnt about things like: what happens in the House of Commons and the House of Lords; how bills become law and how governments are elected.
 We voted democratically for our class representatives on the School Council.


Lessons involve discussing values such as perseverance, resilience and determination. The children are beginning to understand how they need to demonstrate such values to be successful learners.

Parliamentary Debate by Dragonfly Class.
Year 5 and 6 conducted a parliamentary debate on the topic of 'Biodegradable Packaging'.
Each child was given a role within the government or the opposition and instructed on how to behave and possible reactions.
One member was expelled from the room by 'madame speaker' for addressing the prime minister in an inappropriate manner!
Staff and children learned a great deal about the process and etiquette of parliament.
Our trip to Washingpool Farm....
The Holland Family took us on a visit around Washingpool Farm. They allowed us to help with harvesting potatoes and feeding animals.
We all had a great day out and look forward to seeing Vicky and Grace Holland again when they visit later in the week to explain more about the workings of the farm.