Years 3 & 4 - Badger Class

Class Teacher: Mrs French
Support staff: Mrs Aburrow
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We have been practicing endurance and perseverance in our daily runs. They were hard work to begin with but a great deal of fun and they have got a little easier as we have stuck at it.
Washingpool Farm donated 99 satsumas to keep us going which certainly helped!! Thank you Washingpool!

British values in Year 3 and 4
British Values are a very important part of life in Year 3 and 4. The children learn about democracy and how it is used across the country. They have taken part themselves in votes to elect class councillors and eco-schools councillors. They also made suggestions and voted for the class ‘Rights and Responsibilities’. They were very keen to make sure that it was fair for everyone and that each was treated as an equal. The class are very respectful of each other’s opinions and are therefore confident at sharing their ideas and thoughts. All children in class have been given individual jobs and responsibilities which they have all taken on with enthusiasm and maturity.

During PSHE lessons we have been thinking about different learning powers such as resilience and perseverance.  The children thought about different times in their lives when they needed perseverance and made posters to promote this. It is a personal skill we talk about regularly in class and the children try to use it to improve their learning.
Last year, Key Stage 2 took part in a Parliamentary Outreach workshop. Year 3 and 4’s session was called ‘It’s all in the debate.’ They learnt about the process in which different parties in government share their ideas, discuss them and make decisions. It has given them an understanding of what democracy means outside of school and in the wider community.

Christian Values

This year as part of our learning in RE we have had a big focus on understanding our key Christian values in school. So far the children have considered humility, endurance, compassion and hope and their thinking and questioning has been fantastic.  To help us understand the full meaning of the values we have explored several famous paintings, read Bible stories, and studied significant figures in history.  The children have enjoyed opportunities to express their own ideas in writing and through the expressive arts.

This month our main focus has been on the Christian value of ‘hope’. We have studied the painting of the Supper at Emmaus by Caravaggio and by looking at the biblical accounts of the story the children have explained how this painting and this moment captured by Caravaggio showed hope for the disciples.

The children have also linked this work to our work on global citizenship and they have produced some wonderful artwork which depicts their hopes for their future and the future of the world.


To support our citizenship work, the children have been thinking about what it means to be a great class citizen. The children have worked brilliantly in groups to respond to three big questions:

How can we keep our class ready?

How can we help everyone learn?

What is a great class citizen?

The children have created their own certificates to celebrate great citizenship and their ideas have been fantastic.

Reading, reading, reading!

In Badger class, the children are so positive about reading. The Accelerated Reader system used in school has really motivated the children to read more and more. The system offers children the chance to do an online comprehension quiz every time they read a book and they love to see their points grow and their progress increase.  Everyone agrees they have never read more and with all the fantastic new books in the library there is plenty of choice.  We also love story time and we are currently reading our second Roald Dahl story this year, The Witches.