Skip 2B Fit

17th January 2018

We had skip2bfit day at Salway Ash. We had a coach running workshops for all the classes.

Skip2Bfit- reported by Elina, Year 4.

Everybody was really exited to practice skipping. The skipping ropes that we had, had a little counter on them and it was counting every single skip you did. The skippers all had two minutes to do as many skips as they could do.


The teachers also decided to skip with the children. From KS2 Mr Cracknell did 215 skips in 2 minutes. And then in KS1 Miss Christopher did 255 skips.


The biggest score from yr3 was from Manny with 145 skips in 2 minutes and then in yr4 was Rowan with 175 skips.


Merida from yr6 did 191 skips. Because Merida and Miss Christopher did the most skips they had a skip off. Miss Christopher did 133 skips in 1 minute and Merida did 92 skips in one minute. And so Miss Christopher won.