Science Week!

16th March 2017
We have been very lucky to have visitors from all walks of life and industry coming in to talk to  the classes about the science behind their jobs. They have been fantastic and informative and we are really grateful that they have given their time to share with us their valuable expertise.
Mr Kidd - Pottery and Kiln Firing- changing states of material.
Mrs Myall - Hair dressing - The science of hair and hair treatments.
Mr Rouse - Climate change and Wild Cooking.
Mrs Allen - Photography, light and pin-hole cameras.
Mrs Kirlew - Underwater defence and Sonar.
Miss Reed - Cellular Biology.
Mr Glazebrook - The science of engineering.
Mrs McCaughey - Our body
Mr Wettern - Plastics
Mr Shaw -The elements
Our older children have also learnt experiments to demonstrate to the younger years. They loved the responsibility and the outcomes. We were thrilled with how the children responded to each other and adapted their 'lesson plans' help the little ones understand.

It was a whizz-popping week for Salway Ash!! Things went BANG! Things went BOOM! All week round teachers went “Wow!” and children’s brain filled up. The children thought more, listened more and turned into mad scientists! (Poppy Y4)

Whizz! Bang! Pop!

We had over seven guests teaching us about science. My favourite one was when we did the egg experiment.  We got a plastic cup and put some vinegar in it. After that we put a boiled egg in the cup and we left the egg in the cup for three days.  After that we chose a volunteer to come and peel the skin off.  The shell had dissolved! Finally Mrs Taylor washed the egg and then she ate it! She looked like a sour orange.  Her face didn’t look like she liked it! (Honie Y3)

I like science but the fun, crazy experiments made me love science. It made me aspire to be a pet physiotherapist. I loved Science Week. (Maisie Y3)

Our Amazing Body!

Drawing Bodies

On Monday were put into groups. In our groups we drew what we thought was inside our body.  I thought the heart was the best because we worked together to draw it.  I learnt that the heart is slightly blue so that helped me to draw it.


Fun facts about cells

On Wednesday Ms Reid came in and she taught us about animal cells and flower cells and she said how many cells were inside us – it was 37 trillion! We even got to be flower cells for a bit then we had to match some pictures to some writing. It was interesting for me and I liked doing it. (Ryan Y4)

EYFS Science fun

Goo time!

When Year 6 came in they did loads of fun experiments. The first experiment was ‘falling spheres’.  We used pipettes to put drops of food colouring into olive oil and water.  What surprised me is that the food colouring sank after 10 seconds because olive oil kept it up because olive oil is a gooey substance.(Oscar Y3)

Y6 are teachers

Y6 came in our class on Monday. They were going to teach us some science experiments. The one I liked most was ‘Dry Sweets’. It was amazing, awesome and magnificent! In ‘Dry Sweets’ you stuck a sweet to the inside of a cup and then dipped it in some water.  If it came out dry you could eat it! (Elina Y3)

 Mr Kidd- Changing materials.

Pottery madness

A student’s dad came in and taught us pottery. We got to see what clay looked like at the bottom of a river.  He said clay was fired in a kiln. The temperature had to go up to orange that is hotter than red and nearly white, that is the hottest it can go. Mud has to wait more than a thousand years under water until it forms into clay! He showed us how to make clay pots, bowls and plates. Then it had to be put in the kiln again and glazed.  (Jacob Y3)

Mr Glazebrook - the science in engineering. 

Mr Shaw’s science experiments

On the last day of Science Week Mr Shaw came in and taught us about water and pressure. My favourite part was when we made Cartesian diver’s trousers but our group’s did not work so Mr Shaw had to fill the bottle a bit more. It was still difficult to do but I just managed to get it to the bottom.(Rowan Y3)


Mr Rouse’s Amazing Stoves

On Science Wednesday, Mr Rouse (Elodie’s Dad) came in to talk to us about stoves and climate change. Mr Rouse brought in two or three stoves so we could see what they look like.  Mr Rouse went to a few hot countries to find out what stoves they use.  Then we went on to talking about the air and chopped down trees.  If we had no trees in the world we wouldn’t be alive, no none of us in the world!

I loved Science Week because Mrs Taylor ate the disgusting egg and it was hilarious and because we learnt new things, had visitors and learnt all about our bodies. (William Y4)