Science Club

Science Club is new for 2017!
Mrs Taylor is running Science club for Year 1 and 2 who are loving getting stuck in with hands-on science experiments.
Science club runs on Thursdays from 3.30-5pm.

Week 1:  Colour Chaos!


This week the children have had lots of fun exploring colour.  The children created 'Rainbow Fish' by painting fish shaped coffee filter papers which had been soaked in red cabbage with some very strange paints!  The children used vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda to create stripey fish. Why do you think this worked? Here they are exploring what happens to droplets of food colouring as it passes through oil and water.  Everyone had great fun using pipettes and making predictions.


Week 2: Messy Mixtures!


This week, on request from Tristan we braved it outside to test what happens when you mix Mentoes with coca cola.  The children loved it, especially when we added an entire packet!  Here we see them playing with cornflour slime.  This is a very strange mixture - it cannot decide if it is a solid or a liquid.  What do you think?

Week 3:  Making Magnets and Mining Cereal


This week we are making our own magnets from paper clips!  I wonder who will make the most powerful magnet?  And, we will be mining cereal for iron!