School Sleepover!

1st April 2017
We managed to raise £566 towards our new play equipment with a crazy, noisy, sleepover night!
Key Stage 1 came early on for movies and popcorn, stories, milk and cookies
 Key Stage 2 bought sleeping bags and stayed all night!
Each child received a goody bag with glow sticks, a mini torch, sweets, stickers and a toothbrush.
It was a very late night full of fun and games and movies.
As the night progressed we started to chill out with a session of yoga kindly run by parent Mrs Bennett- not easy with 55 excited children.
Breakfast was slightly more subdued as tired children enjoyed cereal and brioche.
It was well worth the sleepless night to watch them all have such fun whilst raising money for our school.
 Enormous thanks to all staff, PTA members and even past pupils who put in so much hard work to make it happen.
Key Stage 1 Sleepover:
Key Stage 2 Sleepover: The night before.
and the morning after!