November 2020: It has now been 7 years since we last consulted on our Admissions policy.

Part of the consultation process requires us to inform interested parties of our 22-23 policy and any changes within it. We have done this via email to local schools, pre-schools, parents and other school stakeholders as well as the diocese and the local authority.

We have not made any significant changes to this policy since last year or our previous consultation.


Many VA Schools have their own governing body appeal system, this is not so at Salway Ash. Please use the following link will take you to the ‘dorset for you’ website where you will find the required appeal form.
Details on admissions can be found at Dorset For You via the link below.
Following a request from the local authority for the admissions year 2015-16 the school agreed to increase its Published Admission Number (PAN) from 15 to 20.
This is due to local authority knowledge that a larger number of school age children than in previous years have been identified by them in the local area. The LA had considerable concern over whether these children will be able to be offered a school place if the school did not raise its PAN for this identified year.
Since the 2015-16 admission year the governors have met with the Local Authority who have agreed that the Salway ASh PAN will return to 15 for the foreseeable future until such time as the Local Authority consider upcoming numbers a concern again. At this point the PAN number will be reconsidered on a year by year basis.