Our link with India

Our Year 1/2 Teacher, Mrs Langford, took leave for the academic year 16-17 to teach at Presidency High School in India!
We are  learned about her trip and about the children in her school via her online blog.
All the Key Stage 2 children in our school have a pen pal in Jets class at Presidency High School. We hope this will continue.
The culture in India is very different from England and it is useful to be able to ask questions to people of similar ages who are living there day to day.
We have learned that they play a sport we had never heard of called Kho-Kho.
Travelling to school is very different in India...
Every third Monday the children have 'Banana day' - they bring a book and a banana and read for assembly time. They sit in very neat rows!
Here is a science lesson Miss Jackson taught the children in her class. It involved bottles of fizzy drink, mento sweets and sticky explosions! Have you tried that one?
Miss Jackson has shared some wonderful experiences with us about life in India. They have seen lots of wonderful animals and travelled in some unusual ways!