Holly - our school dog.

31st October 2018

Dogs have been used in many situations for a long time now to help young and old people overcome and help with a number of conditions.

Many head teachers have started to introduce a calm, well behaved dog in to schools to help children in many ways especially emotional and mental health. For example to help a child to calm down when they have become angry or upset, to act as a treat for a reluctant child and to act as a ‘friend’ to talk to or read to when feeling anxious or worried about things going on in their lives.

Holly is owned by Mrs Crew and has started coming in to school a few times a week and has been very well received by children, staff and parents.

The children understand that they may stroke Holly gently and must approach her quietly. They also understand the importance of washing their hands after they have touched her.

Holly is supervised at all times and spends most of the day sleeping in the office when not greeting children at the gate or accompanying tours of the school. If she is taken to a class or out at playtime she is always on a lead.

The vet is happy for Holly to be in to school as she is up to date with all vaccinations and treatments dogs should have and has a calm temperament.