Nativity- SUPERSTAR!

9th December 2016
Our Nativity play this year, 'SUPERSTAR', told a story in which each member of the school Celestial Choir was vying to dazzle music teacher Mr Marrz, hoping to be awarded a ‘superstar’ role in this year’s nativity. To her surprise Stella - who often gets things wrong but always tries her very best – was picked to play the part of the Star of Bethlehem because she understands the heart of the Christmas message.

As the special performance unfolds, the children shine a light on the traditional nativity story and point to Jesus being the true superstar of Christmas.
SUPERSTAR was written by 'Out of the Ark' and performed by Key Stage 1 Children at Salway Ash with help from Miss Christopher and Key Stage 1 Staff. The play was humorous and uplifting and was a huge hit with our audience.