It's not Rocket Science! Oh yes it is!

8th March 2017
The children have had a very exciting week launching into our science focus for Science week!
Mr Shapland visited us today to run a Rocket Science workshop for all the children.
All ages were enthralled by the show which involved firing rockets across the hall at great pace! 

It’s not rocket science… oh yes it is!

A man called Steve came in and taught us how to make a rocket. I made a rocket which was blue (my favourite colour!) with a red nib. Because Steve had a rocket launcher after all of us finished we launched our rockets! Mine went ZOOMING up in the sky and landed by the shed (mine was the highest). I was on the green steps so I had to run all the way to the shed. It was really squelshy and squishy so it made it harder to run! (Imogen Y3)