Classroom visitors.

1st December 2016
Mr Rouse - Space Seeds
We are always delighted to have parents and members of the community involved with our school projects and inspiring the children with their careers and interests.
Mr Rouse came in this week to give an interesting round up to our Space Seeds Project.
He used videos and presentations from Tim Peake himself with which the children were enthralled.
Mr Rouse has been instrumental in the space seeds project from the very beginning and has driven it through to it's conclusion.
The children were also very please that Mr Shaw, our Year 5/6 teacher who retired at the end of last year, came back to be involved in concluding the project with which he too had been very involved.
Mr Clark - Solar Power
Mr Clark from Corbin Industries in Bridport came to give our Year 5/6 children a presentation on solar and renewable energy.
This is something our children are very interested in as we have solar panels and a wind turbine generating electricity on our school.
We would like to thank Mr Clark for his enthusiasm and for taking the time out to visit us.