Salway Ash - A Church of England School

Our Christian Values
The children are currently being taught about the following Christian Values of the school:
Love, Hope, Peace, Endurance, Forgiveness, Humility, Compassion and Justice
Each class in our school has it's own reflection space. These areas are used for children to spend quiet, thoughtful time. To consider their own feelings and to empathise with others.
Each half term, The staff and children, often aided by Liz Brown, a friend of the school and PCC member create a beautiful display in our entrance corridor for us on a specific topic, value or bible verse. The children really enjoy discovering what has been placed on the display and reading the information available. Liz makes every effort to make the displays bright and interactive to encourage even the youngest children to take an interest.
 What makes our school special? 
We recently joined together as a whole school community to create a permanent display in the entrance hall to show what makes our school distinctive and special. Parents, staff, children and governors were asked for their input via questionnaires and class time discussion.
We were thrilled with how everyone felt our Christian and community ethos shone through.
Amongst these were:
"We ask big Questions about God"      "Like a family"
"We do theology together in Worship"     "The children care for each other"
"Everyone knows each other and are one big community"
"It feels like home"  "We are kind to each other"
Assembly fun:  The Whole Bible in One!
Reverend Jo Neary involved all the children in a swift and easy to understand telling of the whole bible in one assembly using a variety of props and verses. A whistlestop tour!
These photographs show children from all classes running and taking part in their own assemblies.
In this particular assembly the children focussed on 'Peace' as one of our Christian values, using the passage from Mark 4 35-41 where Jesus calms the storm.
The following week another group chose to illustrate 'Noah's Ark'
The children use the Lion Storyteller Bible which made the story suitable for even the youngest pupils and they worked hard to make the assembly interactive and inclusive.
 Miss Frappart sings Pie Jesu in assembly.
This year we have had Miss Josie Frappart with us on work placement.
Miss Frappart's skills were many and varied and she was an asset to our school. However, above all her talents her musical ability shone through.
We will miss Miss Frappart's confidence in performing musical pieces on piano, guitar and voice in our class time, assemblies and productions.
This video shows Josie singing Pie Jesu - a movement from Faure's requiem for soprano soloists. She sang five pieces in assembly and astounded both children and parents with her beautiful voice.
Pie Jesu domine, donna eis requiem,donna eis requiem.
Pie Jesu domine, donna eis requiem,donna eis requiem.
Donna eis requiem,donna eis requiem.
Sempiternam requiem, sempiternam requiem, sempiternam requiem.
Pie, pie Jesu, pie Jesu domine,
donna eis , donna eis, sempiternam requiem.
Sempiternam requiem.
The lyrics, in English, mean:
"Merciful Jesus, Lord, grant them rest, grant them rest, eternal rest."
Year 5/6 Hall Display
Our Year 6 Children representing Salway Ash School at Salisbury Cathedral Leavers' service.
We were very fortunate to have a very enthusiastic group from Beaminster Area Team who came in to run a Prayer Spaces in School event at Salway Ash.
The event was very valuable in teaching the children that prayer is not necessarily a quiet, still activity and that their thoughts and reflections can be communicated in a number of different ways. Children can express themselves however they feel comfortable and incorporate a wide variety of God-given talents.
The children were inspired, and in many cases surprised, by the activities and how they related to prayer. Many interesting topics were covered and opportunities for further discussion opened up.
Below you can see the powerpoint used to work with the children on each prayer station. It asks some interesting and challenging questions which the children rose to admirably.
Children from Symondsbury and Salway Ash schools who are part of 'The Edge' which is Netherbury church Sunday School Youth Group performed a beautiful musical production of the bible story 'Jonah'.
They had put a lot of time and effort in to learning the words and creating beautiful undersea props.
It really helped the children to gain a good understanding of the story.
Some of our staff, governors and parents were involved with playing the music and supporting the children's singing.